Back to the Basics: Why Blogging is Important for Freelancers.

Blogging may seem like a daunting, unpaid chore, but it shouldn’t feel like that…..and it doesn’t have to be dreadful.  It can be rewarding both spiritually and monetarily.  Some argue that it is unnecessary to have a blog, in order to land well-paying gigs. Well, that maybe true for some, but for many it is […]

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6 Time Management Tips For Freelancers

It is so easy to get distracted as a freelance writer. Free days just seem so temptingly easy to take. There are days when it is very hard to get motivated to work, especially when you are writing for somebody else.   Overcome wasting time by being proactive and learning to schedule properly.  Time management […]

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5 Great Places For Finding Freelance Writing Jobs

The freelance industry can go through waves of feast and famine.  Just like other things in life, it seems like it doesn’t rain in forever, and then, when it does, it pours. It is important to prepare for moments of drought. In order to maintain a successful freelance career, you need plenty of resources. Configured […]

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