How To Improve Your Upwork Job Score

Only accept jobs you know you can complete on time. Be realistic in the projects that you pick and make sure that you can deliver what the client wants.

It is tempting to take on multiple gigs, even those that are unfamiliar, but this is a disservice to yourself. Only accepting jobs that you can complete, and do well, is key to building your JSS.

Meet deadlines. After producing good work, the best way to get good feedback is by meeting deadlines, or even better, being early. Clients get so excited to receive work early. At the bare minimum, make sure you have your work in on time. You are a professional, after all.

Produce quality work. Make sure that you do your research and produce quality work, your reputation depends on it. Clients have hired you based on how you sold yourself, make sure you aren’t just another good salesman, back up your pitch. Take the time to deliver high quality writing.

Be a good communicator. Make sure that all responsibilities and expectations have been clearly discussed with the client. Respond to the client punctually and be proactive. Even if they don’t ask for it, keep the client in the loop. Let them know how the project is going, they will appreciate the effort.

Do not have more than 3 jobs with no spend. This means that the job was not completed or that it was not completed satisfactorily. It is best to have as few no spends as possible, but sometimes things happen.

Don’t beat yourself up, learn the lesson, and try not to let it happen again. More often than not, no spends are a result of poor time management. Sometimes a no spend is an opportunity to learn what type of writing jobs you absolutely do not want to do.

Build repeat clients. It will not hurt your JSS if you do not have long-term or repeat business, but it can help you. This shows that you are dependable and a quality writer.

Always maintain a professional relationship. Never forget that this is your business. It is important to follow all of the standards of any business. Be courteous, prompt, have good communications, practice good time management, and produce good work by the deadline. Treat your clients with the same respect that you would like to be treated.

Complete your profile. 100%. This is factored into your JSS and it helps make you seem trustworthy to your clients. If you didn’t care enough to complete the profile page to your own business, should you expect a client to trust you with a project for their business? Probably not.

Ask questions. Asking questions is the best way to obtain complete understanding. If you are unsure of any parts of the project, make sure to ask. The same applies to any misunderstandings you may have with the client’s request. Asking questions makes sure that you can deliver what the client wants.

Make sure the client is happy. When the work is delivered, ask if the client has everything they need and if they are satisfied with the work. You never want to assume that a client is pleased, even if they have payed you.

Let the client end the contract. It can seem off putting if you end the contract first. Let the client finalize the project, it is their project after all. Why should you decide that the project is done? This is just a last courtesy to the client. They started the project, they should end it.

Ultimately, your JSS is your reputation, and it mostly depends on good client interaction. Treat your clients with a professional air and hold yourself accountable. If you take your work seriously and produce high quality work, you will succeed and your JSS will go up.

If you always maintain professionalism, you don’t risk giving your client the opportunity to say anything negative about you. Make sure that you are representing yourself well and ensure you are getting the jobs you want.

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